the opportunity

Think about it. Over 30 billion dollars!
Selling creative stuff.
Who would have thought?

Exciting. Rewarding. Risky without
key information. Without the right plan.

At CMC, we consult with you early.
If needed, we connect you with
additional experts who know. And we
plan your program with a "go/no go"
option built into every phase.

To minimize your risk.
To assure your comfort.
To guarantee your satisfaction.

Corporations considering the craft industry need us. Companies already
in the market need us. Our unique insight, experience and connections
make the difference.

CMC listens to your goals. Budgets. Branding strategies. Concerns.
Challenges. Our team will work with you to define a Strategic Plan.
Build a Platform.

We help you Invent New Products. Expand Uses for the Current Products.

We help you develop a Brand. Enhance its image with consumers.
Expand into new markets. Or grow in the one you're already in.

We help you build Public Perception about your Company.
About your Products.

CMC helps you drive sales with clever Project Design.
Superior Product Promotion.

CMC connects you to the world's largest craft trade show and convention.
Gives you access to 1100 Craft and Hobby Association members.
From 42 Countries. The best place to network.

CMC is your key to success.